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Braille Signs

The Disability Discrimination Act Part III 2004 - These amendments were introduced in September 2002 producing a strict guideline which came into effect October 2004 guaranteeing that equal access must be made to all people using public buildings, including education establishments.

Signs should be placed at a height suitable for everyone to reach unaided, generally this is recommended to be no lower than 1400mm from the floor and no higher than 1700mm.

Directional signals should be placed at each entry, as well as signs showing toilet locations. Fire Exit signs and Exit signs should be visible from all locations. Identification signs (such as door signs) should be located next to the door, in case that door has been left open.

Braille Signs

Braille No Admittance Sign Braille Way Out Sign Braille No Entry Sign
Braille Mind The Step Sign Braille Stairs Sign Braille Steps Sign
Braille Lift Sign Braille Push Sign Braille Pull Sign

Braille Fire Door Signs

Braille Fire Door Keep Shut Braille Fire Door Keep Clear Braille Fire Exit Keep Clear

Braille Fire Exit Signs

Braille Fire Exit Sign Braille Fire Exit Sign
Braille Push Pad To Open Sign Braille Push Bar To Open Sign

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